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    How to Support Your Partner During Infertility Treatment

    During infertility treatment, women suffer guilt and stress but love and support can lift some of the burdens. Infertility treatment can be one of the emotionally charged things a couple can go through and most of the stress and worry are taken on by the woman. It’s not fair, but it’s the way infertility causes and biology work. Women endure most of the invasive tests and treatments and have their hormones go crazy.

    When you add to that the emotional burden of feeling that her body is failing her, and she may never achieve the dream of parenthood, a woman can feel very depressed and lonely. While her partner can’t take over the burden of testing and treatment, not to mention pregnancy, there are some things her partner can do to make the woman feel supported during infertility treatment.

    5 Tips to Support Your Partner During Infertility Treatment


    There is nothing worse than a relationship with no communications, especially during a time of high stress. If you aren’t communicating, then one partner doesn’t always know what the other is thinking and may guess wrong. It’s also vitally important right from the start to make sure both partners want the same thing, this should be discussed and agreed upon before you even enter a fertility clinic to discuss infertility causes. If one partner wants to do everything humanly possible to conceive a biological child, and the other partner doesn’t want to go beyond doing IUI before starting the adoption process, this is something that