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    Cindy Traveled From China to Finally Become a Mom

    Cindy Traveled From China to Become a Mother With the Help of RSMC

    Dr. Wood discusses one of his most interesting cases.

    traveled from ChinaCindy and I had been emailing for several weeks, just going over the basics about surrogacy and the entire process. There was so much more to the process that she had imagined and she had many questions. Even after a few weeks of emailing there was not much that knew about her.

    Over the course of time and a few meetings in person, I learned that she was an older, very prominent Chinese women using surrogates. She desperately wanted to have children, but due to her age she was not able to conceive. She had tried many IVF cycles herself, all of which ended with no success. Hence her need for a surrogate. She like many women in her situation were at first hesitant with me.

    But they soon understood that I was there to help and they put their trust in me. To me Cindy was very brave. She was coming to the US from China, and spoke no English at all. Her Husband was only in the US for about three days, and Cindy stayed behind with her assistant. Everyone is different, and I loved every client I had, but Cindy really touched my heart. She was so very sweet, and so very desperate to have a baby. Of the hundreds of families I worked with Cindy was the only client who met my children.

    We had dinner one night with several others, ten in total I believe. I will never forget when Cindy looked at my children, then I waited until she was done talking for the translator to translate for me. “I want what you have” is what she said. And her face was sad.

    I will never forget that moment. Cindy went through two egg retrievals almost back to back. While Cindy prepared for the second egg retrieval the surrogate also prepare