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    The Five Stages of Discovering Infertility and the IVF Options

    Stage 1 – You take it easy, off the birth control methods and start to have free sex – You feel good.  The mentality is “it happens when it happens.”

    Stage 2 – Carefree sex is not working quickly enough, so you start timing the love making corresponding with ovulation.   And after sex, you might pull your legs up, stand on your head, and don’t take a shower for the night.  Both of you and your partner start to be a little anxious.

    IVF OptionsStage 3 – Still no luck.  So, you rush to the drug store, gauge your temperature, use the ovulation detective kit – Now you mean business!  Every month, you start to experience emotional roll coaster – delayed period makes you so happy and spotting the first blood – you burst into tears.

    Stage 4 – The ovulation kit has not done the trick.  You gave a few more try and start to seriously talk with your partner about the maybe infertility problem.  You also might get emotional and consider the infertility is a taboo.  Some couples get really tense at this stage.  The clock is ticking, you become more and more upset and feel the urgency of having a baby.

    Stage 5 – Now, you are officially upset.  You summon all your courage to see your gynecologist or you step forward to an infertility specialist – Reproductive Endocrinologist – find out what is going on?  do I need IVF, do I need IUI, do I even need egg donation …

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