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    Telling Family and Friends You’re Donating Your Eggs

    One of the trickiest things you may face when you decide to donate your eggs is choosing how and what you should be telling your family and friends. The internet may not offer enough guidance on this crucial and delicate subject. This is because most resources focus more on the requirements, medical screening, and the process of donating eggs, and less on the emotional aspect of the process. Here, we will discuss the mental and emotional side of egg donation. We also take a look at the most important things to keep in mind when you consider donating your eggs. We already helped many egg donors in San Diego in a similar situation.

    Support and Safety in telling the family that you are donating eggs

    Let’s start with a little reality check. Once the egg donation process commences, egg donors will have to honor daily ultrasound appointments for approximately two weeks. They will also receive several doses of drugs, including shots, on a regular basis. In addition to this, some women may experience adverse effects from injections such as moodiness, c