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    Telling Family and Friends You’re Donating Your Eggs

    One of the trickiest things you may face when you decide to donate your eggs is choosing how and what you should be telling your family and friends. The internet may not offer enough guidance on this crucial and delicate subject. This is because most resources focus more on the requirements, medical screening, and the process of donating eggs, and less on the emotional aspect of the process. Here, we will discuss the mental and emotional side of egg donation. We also take a look at the most important things to keep in mind when you consider donating your eggs. We already helped many egg donors in San Diego in a similar situation.

    Support and Safety in telling the family that you are donating eggs

    Let’s start with a little reality check. Once the egg donation process commences, egg donors will have to honor daily ultrasound appointments for approximately two weeks. They will also receive several doses of drugs, including shots, on a regular basis. In addition to this, some women may experience adverse effects from injections such as moodiness, cramping, and bloating. It will be difficult to hide all of this if you are living with your partner or family members.

    You also need to remember that egg donation is a medical procedure — though it’s a short one and you will not be hospitalized—  it is still a medical procedure involving the use of anesthetics. A trusted family member or friend will need to take you home and check on you afterward. Like any other medical procedure, egg donation has some risks. Telling someone about what you are going through will keep any feelings of loneliness at bay. It will also help you stay safe.

    When donating eggs at our fertility clinic in San Diego, we ensure that our donor is prepared mental and emotional. This makes us the most popular egg donation center among California egg donors.

    Your Decision, Your Privacy

    It is easy to tell people you don’t know to stop interfering with your personal issues. It is also easy to have boundaries at school or work. If you have to tell your employers or professors why you want to take a day off or miss a lecture, you can just say you are undertaking an outpatient medical procedure and need to rest for a day without providing any more details.

    Things are not as clear cut when it comes to your circle of family and friends, however. This is where you need to reflect on the relationship you have with those close to you and decide what you are comfortable telling them. Ask yourself how supportive are they going to be about this decision? Do they like gossiping, or do they keep your secrets? Are you afraid they may judge or criticize you?

    For many people, egg donation is a topic they would rather not discuss. If you choose to let family and friends know about the plans of donating your eggs, get ready for various responses, including criticism, misconception, praise, or even personal questions. Some will be helpful and supportive, while others won’t. You have the right not to inform family members and friends if you feel that they will not have a positive reaction to your decision, or if you just would rather keep your decision private. So, it is your decision to take either you are telling your family and friends about donating eggs or just keep it private.

    Sharing Your Story with Family and Friends

    On the other side, trusted family members and good friends can be your backbone all through the egg donation process. You can share your feelings, concerns, and get useful advice from those close to you. If you know people in your life that you can trust wholeheartedly. Those can provide you with a great support system and make the process much easier. We recommend that donors share what they are going through with those they trust and know will support them. If you choose to be open about your egg donation experience, however, get ready to receive both negative and positive responses. While donating your eggs at our fertility center we help Egg donors with tips that make us favorite for California egg donors.

    The world of fertility treatment is fast-changing. People are getting to know more and more about the various options and treatments available. In the past, being unable to conceive used to be a source of shame that was best kept a secret. However, both egg donors and recipients are now sharing their stories. You don’t need to be ashamed of your decision to donate your eggs; after all, you’re helping those who are unable to have a baby without your donation. The level of support you get from family and friends might surprise you.



    In Conclusion, there’s no straightforward answer as to whom you should tell and what to say regarding your choice to donate eggs. You and only you are in the right position to decide as you deem fit. Your choice to donate eggs is yours alone, and the same goes for your decision to share this information with friends and family.

    If you would like to learn more about becoming an egg donor or have questions about the process, you can always reach out to Reproductive Sciences Medical Center, an egg donation agency in San Diego, CA. Visit us at www.fertile.com or call 858-436-7186.

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