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    A Surrogate Carried Their Baby After Ami Had Cancer


    A Surrogate Carried Their Baby After Ami Lost Her Womb to Cancer

    A Surrogate Carried Their BabyAmi and Jack were childhood sweethearts, they got married in their twenties and started trying for a baby six years later. After trying to conceive for two years they were referred for fertility tests.

    It was during this time Ami had devastating news: she was diagnosed with endometrial cancer. Luckily the cancer was grade 1a, meaning it hadn’t spread and was completely contained in the womb. The fertility testing had caught it at a very early stage but as a hysterectomy was part of the treatment, it meant she’d never be able to carry a baby.

    They came to Physician’s Surrogacy to seek help. The agency believes in surrogacy through friendship and it was here they met Ann. In January 2014 the frozen embryos were moved to a clinic nearer to Ann for treatment and she got pregnant on the first try. “It didn’t seem real,” says Ami. “After all we’d been through we couldn’t believe it was finally happening. We saw Ann every two to three weeks, went to every midwife appointment and got to feel our baby kick.”

    “When Eva was born Jack cut the cord and we had our first cuddle. We feel incredibly lucky. She is such a good baby, even sleeping through the night!”

    Ann thinks this is the best thing she’s ever done, “To make people’s dreams come true is such a privilege and being able to see the children grow up, knowing I helped, is incredibly rewarding.”

    Ami and Jack are extremely grateful for the gift Ann gave them. “Ann is the most amazing woman and has changed our lives. We still regularly meet up. She is definitely part of our family.”

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