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Fertile also helps gay couples with finding a surrogate mother. Our agency has helped over 50 different gay couples find a surrogate mother.
Having a baby is the first step in growing a family. Sadly, not all couples are able to conceive on their own. Surrogacy is not only recommended to couples suffering from infertility issues, but it is an option for gay couples as well. Gay couples are able to conceive a baby safely through surrogate agencies. Having a surrogate allows you to meet the woman that will be carrying your child and you will essentially be there every step of the way, just as if you yourself were carrying the child. This option differs from adoption greatly due to the fact that you are more involved, whereas in adoptions, you’re not always involved.
Your potential surrogate will have a list of requirements that are required by the agency before moving forward with the process. Some typical requirements include: having at least one child previously, no previous pregnancy/birth complications, stable home life, good mental and physical health, and no previous drug/ alcohol abuse. Surrogate agencies are always a reliable middleman to have, as opposed to finding a surrogate on your own.
Before the child is conceived or the fertile egg is implanted into the surrogate, a contract is written up and agreed upon by both the surrogate and the future parents of the child. This contract enforces the rules and agreement that must be followed throughout the pregnancy and after the birth takes place.
There are two different types of surrogates that are available. The traditional surrogate will offer her egg and will be inseminated with your sperm, your partner’s sperm, or a donor sperm. This ensures that you, your partner, or even both of you will be biologically connected to your child, which is another benefit that comes with surrogacy. This is also beneficial to have if the state you reside in does not recognize same-sex marriages. It allows one parent to be the biological mother/father of the child, therefor giving you full rights to the child. The gestational surrogate is when a donor egg, or for females, your egg, is inseminated with your sperm, your partner’s sperm, or a donor sperm in a lab and then is inserted into the surrogate through in vitro fertilization.
Typically, gestational surrogates are a good option to go with due to the fact that the surrogate has no relation to the child and could not cause and potential custody arguments after the birth takes place. Although that has probably been covered in the contract that was agreed upon before the surrogacy process even began. Having a child through a surrogate agency is going to be a safe and professional way for you and your partner to grow your family. It also allows for the potential to be biologically treated to your child (given that you or your partner are fertile and able to use your own sperm/egg). Surrogacy is something that can change your life and you will be forever grateful of he gift that a surrogate mother is able to provide to you and your partner!
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