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The best surrogate facility in Chino area in California is here and you are in the right place that we can assure you. We are the best facility around and we are trying our best to help people with the gift of motherhood and child.

Sometimes you just have to realize that you are not having a baby on your own. Gay and lesbian couples understand that and they have been frequenting our facility all the times. Drew and Gill Schumer got their baby just last week using the facilities that are provided by our clinic and they have been in connection with the mother for always and they are just delighted over their own baby.

We are here to ensure that you have everything that you are going to need for the child and to have the privacy needed to make sure that you can keep all the things regarding in private. We are going to make sure that your baby comes in the world with all the necessities. We will take care of all the right stuff that is going to be necessary here.

“We are Drew and Gill and we are lesbian married for about five years now. We are together for a really long time and we are always trying to make sure that our relationship goes on strong for a long time and we are always working on our relationship. We thought we are in need of some changes to our life and after some thought found out we needed not wanted, needed a child in our life. And that was it and we came here to the RSMC and they helped us with the surrogacy and now we have our own child in our lap and we are high as a kite with this kid.”