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Single Parent IVF Made Sense for Me

RSMC Validated My Choice of Single Parent IVF

Single Parent IVFI made the decision to have children independently. Fast approaching 42 with a busy and demanding career, I was single and desperately wanted to have children. I tentatively began researching fertility clinics online and began my enquiries. One clinic, dark and uninviting, just didn’t feel right and another clinic lacked information.

I discovered RSMC and was impressed with its formidable success rates, so I booked an appointment for a consultation. As I was also looking for donor sperm, I was helped with this process and given all the information required; events progressed smoothly and were well coordinated but most importantly I felt completely supported. I wasn’t treated like a number and while the staff were pragmatic, I wasn’t made to feel like a freak for undertaking IVF alone.

As a single mother, I cannot emphasize how important it was that RSMC made me feel validated. The positive attitude of the nurses and the rest of the IVF team further highlighted this. The entire process was handled sensitively with well coordinated professionalism. I gave birth to a healthy baby boy in February 2014.

—M.M Cruz CA 

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