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    At RSMC the Staff Were Amazing Throughout My Treatment

    The Staff Were Amazing at RSMC During My Fertility Treatment

    staff were amazingI was feeling very low at the point of going to RSMC, thinking I would never be a mother while all my friends and family seemed to be getting pregnant effortlessly. Going to RSMC and just even talking to the doctor gave me hope. Once I started the treatment I started to relax because at last, I was doing something positive.

    All through the treatment every one of the staff was amazing. When you are going through something as life-changing as this I found them friendly, the caring approach and supportive therapy techniques was incredibly. I cannot tell enough people how wonderful they are. I have a close friend who also had treatment with them and her experience was the same brilliant service as mine.

    I could go through my treatment step by step but everyone’s is individual and special in their own way. Every scan and injection went to making my perfect little boy.

    —S.J. Anderson, CA