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Mild Endometriosis Didn’t Prevent Pregnancy

RSMC Helped Overcome Mild Endometriosis

Mild EndometriosisI would like to thank the doctors and staff for being there for me for these last several months! I have a mild Endometriosis and my husband has slightly low motility. I went to the doctor after trying for a couple of years and now I am 10 weeks pregnant!!!

I am very happy with the doctor and the staff. They are extremely professional, knowledgeable and personable. During the process, I never hesitated communicating with them, since they were all exceptionally helpful and quick in responding to my sometimes crazy questions.

I remember a time that, in spite of their extremely busy schedule, they stayed on the phone with me and the pharmacy to facilitate with the pharmacy’s insurance questions. I would definitely recommend them for any infertility issue.

—R.M., Glendale, CA

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