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    With all the things that are polluted and also leading right into the bloodstreams of us there are no ways to say that we were not careful enough. We cannot be careful even if we wanted to make sure that there were a lot of ideas floating by. There would be a lot of things that are going to carry the weight that we are going to put on the body. The body is going to fail. We are trying to make sure that there were a lot of things that are going bad and that fertility is very delicate thing that we all have to wrap around our head. We have to be careful with it.
    Cassie and Vaughn are supposed to be really great suburban parents who take their kids to the soccer fields and take their kids to slumber parties but they proved to be a failure at producing kids. They had no one to blame. They had nothing better to do with it but come to a facility like RSMC and they chose RSMC and they are now happy parents of two and trying for a third.
    Torrance is the place where all the people come for a wild parties and those parties are the wildest in the whole of state maybe second only to Oregon and that is something that we are saying but the people say this is the best in the world even beating Ibiza and that is some really great and dangerous thing to say. It is like saying that New Zealand bagel is better that the bagels of New York. This just doesn’t happen but to find out you have to be in one of those parties and that will make for a lot to explain for someone. The parties are often out of control.