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How Much Does IVF Cost in California

There are a lot of factors that make up the IVF process cost. With its 30 standard protocols, Reproductive Services Medical Center offers every fertility service available and they all come with their own cost. One of the main factors to consider when looking at in vitro fertilization cost is the success rate of the fertility center with the procedure(s) you require. RSMC works with quite a few clients who were considered “hopeless cases” by other fertility centers. Our excellent success rate with them speaks for itself but it does lower our overall success rate. Even taking that into consideration, our “heartbeat” rate, where the pregnancy progresses to the stage that a heartbeat can be detected, was 56.7% in 2016, 64.2% in 2015. Usually there is a 95% survival rate from Heartbeat to Live Birth.

Payment and Financial Options

Having options can really help patients get past the feeling of being overwhelmed by IVF process cost. Here at RSMC, we want to make this experience easy for you. That’s why we offer several option for payment and even work with a medical financing companies to help you achieve your dreams of family. Our Guarantee Program offers you peace of mind and, if you qualify, leaves you with enough money to pursue other family building options if you are one of the few people fertility treatments don’t work for. In order to help you finance your dream of family:

  • We accept insurance for any portion of your treatment that is covered.
  • We offer package pricing.
  • We work with top medical financing companies.

During your initial consultation, you will meet with one of our Financial Coordinators to discuss your options. We are here for you with in vitro fertilization cost!

Our Four Guaranteed Plans Offer You Peace of Mind Concerning Your IVF Process Cost

  1. Two-Cycle Plus Plan: Patient receives up to 2 cycle of retrieval and one–multitransfers (fresh and frozen). Refund of 50% if successful pregnancy** is not achieved.
  2. Three-Cycle Plus Plan: Patient receives up to 3 cycles of retrieval and one–multitransfers (fresh and frozen). Refund of 70% if successful pregnancy** is not achieved.
  3. Two-Cycle + One Donor Cycle Plan: Patient and the donor will receive up to 3 cycles of retrievals (two of your own egg retrieval and one donor egg retrieval) and the patient will receive one–multitransfers (fresh and frozen).  Refund of 100% if successful pregnancy** is not achieved.  Patients of any age who do not require a surrogate may qualify for this plan.
  4. Mini IVF Cycle Plan (minimum stimulation) Patient will receive up to 3-4 cycles of retrieval of quality eggs.  Patient can then choose PGS with frozen Embryo Transfer. Refund of 70% if successful pregnancy** is not achieved.
 **Safely past the first trimester

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