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    Infertility Financing Options

    These Ideas for Infertility Financing Options Helped Us Decide to Start the Process

    Infertility Financing OptionsNed and Tammy Hand Wrote: Like a lot of people, we were nervous about what we could afford when the news about the economy just kept getting worse and worse. But when we realized we had a financing option, and that it was so simple to use, we agreed we couldn’t put off our family anymore. Here are some of the Infertility Financing Options they found:

    1. Savings. Many people use their personal savings, this is ideal because it means you are not adding debt but most people’s savings can’t cover every expense.
    2. Second mortgage or loan against the equity in the house. This is a great option for people with equity in their home or other property, since the loan is secured by the property the interest rates are usually reasonable.
    3. Loans from your 401k retirement fund. Technically it’s not a loan, since it’s your money, however there may be rules in place about making withdrawals and the tax consequences.
    4. Family and Friends. Many people set up funding sites, like a gofundme.com site, where their family and friends can contribute easily online. For people who are good at networking, and don’t mind sharing their infertility journey on social media, this is a good option. There’s also the possibility of asking close family members, those who would love to see you become parents, for money directly. Often parents or grandparents want to help but don’t quite know how to approach the subject.
    5. Fertility Loans. Most fertility centers have relationships with loan companies that will provide access to loans up to $100,000 for any assisted reproductive expenses, this usually includes medications and egg donor and surrogacy services. These loans can be flexible where you borrow the amount you need at the time and then add more later if needed.
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