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    How to detect the right clinic and IVF lab?

    Many of you might not know the importance of the lab, but in IVF cases, the lab might at least play 40-60% of the success here!  So, if you are considering IVF, it is important to understand the lab you choose is well qualified!  Be sure they have a full-time, dedicated lab director and the lab director is fully experienced; they can offer extended embryo culture to the blastocyst stage; they offer pre-implantation screening/diagnosis: vitrification for preservation of eggs and embryos, etc.  Those insightful questions will help you to detect potential embryo problem!

    Although clinics have their own criteria for who qualifies for blastocyst transfer, the truth is, some clinics discourage patients from transferring the blastocyst stage embryos simply because the lab may not have the capability of supporting good embryo growth.  So, it is a clear indicator of the lab’s lacking of capability. 

    Another indicator is if the lab has a full-time lab director and the director has good credentials and is solo devoted here.  After you check those insightful facts, you will be surprised that most clinics can’t afford full-time lab director or the leading physician simply assumes the directorship on paper. 

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