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    The General Experience of Infertility Treatment Patients Who Need IVF

    best age for ivf treatment

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    Most infertility couples are frustrated and confused and devastated even before they consider IVF option.  After finally everything is right, they could not conquer something which is just natural and the basic human right – Have a baby that they desire!

    Fact – Women decide to have babies later and later.  They put the matter on hold due to numerous reasons, such as uncertainties of life, living expenses, career opportunities, lifestyle, love seeking and more…

    Fact – Over 10% of American couples of child-bearing age have different degree of infertility issues; in China, due to the pollution (air, water and food), the figure is over 13%.  Sperm counts and quality get lower; women, as they age, ovary reserves get lower significantly and the eggs also age together with the mother.

    Experience – When you decide to have a child but could not, it is like the huge punishment to you for not putting the baby as priority to your career, to your life style, to your love seeking …   It is a devastating feeling to couples, especially to women over 33 years and older.

    Experience – When you decide to have a child but could not, other people start to provide free advice at all circumstances.  How many of you ever heard from the doctors, your friends, or even your husband of those annoying advises? They would say: you are fine, just relax and keep trying, your stress is the factor!

    Once a woman stopped worrying and not being stressed, she got a baby like a snap … You feel irritated by hearing this type of advice over and over and your biological clock keeps running out. So, you eventually scream: I am perfectly calm, it is not the stress. I get to do something more than just trying and relax.

    The fact is, no one really knows the truth, but we do know our body better than anybody else. At some point, you stop listening and decide to take action!

    Fact – Age, number 1 factor in women infertility treatment.  A woman after 30 (especially after 35) will start a steep dive of infertility issues.  For example, with perfect fertility health, it takes a 33-35 year old women only 3-4 tries to get natural pregnant on average; it takes more than 3 years for a 40 year old to land a baby!  So, gals, no one is getting any younger, every day counts.

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