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Dr. Wood Helped Us Get Pregnant

/Dr. Wood Helped Us Get Pregnant

Brilliant Physician Dr. Wood Helped Us Get Pregnant

Helped Us Get Pregnant“Watching our boys age 15 and 12 collect their tennis trophies and thinking of you Dr. Wood and how you helped us get pregnant (you’d never know they weren’t A grade embryos, LOL)!

Dr. Wood is a brilliant physician (to say the least) who we found to be extraordinarily kind, patient, persistent, gentle, funny, confident and wonderfully reassuring. After a single meeting, pregnancy was no longer an elusive gossamer if, but a solid, tangible, diaper-clad, when.

Words are not enough to thank you for delivering the goods (okay, sometimes they’re the bads, but we still love them!). You (and your staff) are the best Dr. Wood!”

—A.B. La Mesa, CA

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