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    Gestational Surrogacy: Things For LGBT Parents to Consider

    LGBT Surrogacy is a Great Way to Have a Child You Have a Biological Connection To

    A 2013 study by the Williams Institute at UCLA reported that 48 percent of LGBT women under ageGestational Surrogacy LGBT Parents fifty are raising a child under age eighteen, compared with just 20 percent of LGBT men. With the increased popularity of LBGT surrogacy these numbers will be changing.

    Since gestational surrogacy is a big investment in time and money there are quite a few things to consider before starting the process. One of the first things you need to consider when starting to build your family through gestational surrogacy is who are you going to have assist you and who is going to have the biological connection to your child. You are going to need eggs and a surrogate to carry the fetus to term but do they need to be the same person?

    When surrogacy first started they often were but that limits your options and can make the process take longer because you need to find a surrogate who has the physical characteristics you are looking for. With gestational surrogacy, the eggs are provided by an egg donor you select and the gestational surrogate carries the child, who is genetically unrelated to her, to term. Egg donors are young, under 29, and a lot of surrogates are older and have already had successful pregnancies. It’s rare for the same person to do both at this point, gestational surrogacy is a more streamlined and quicker process.

    Now that you’ve decided to proceed with gestational surrogacy there are some questions you need to ask the agency or medical center before you get started.

    1. What is your success rate for gestational surrogacy?
    2. On the average, how many embryo transfers take on the first try?
    3. Do you have former clients that I can talk to?
    4. What kind of support services do you offer egg donors, surrogates and clients?
    5. How are surrogates chosen for your program?
    6. What kind of screening to the surrogates go through?
    7. How involved can we be in the pregnancy, going to doctor’s appointments, etc.?
    8. What does all this cost? If the first implantation doesn’t take what does the second round cost?
    9. Do you work with a diverse client base? If not, what are your parameters?
    10. What makes you stand out from other agencies?

    Now that you’ve selected a medical center or agency it’s time to pick your egg donor and get on the list for a surrogate. Selecting the egg donor is usually fast because medical centers and agencies have lists of available donors and often also have an Egg Bank where you can select and withdraw eggs when you’re ready. Egg donors usually have extensive biographies on files but you usually don’t meet the donor, especially if you’re using banked eggs.

    Finding the right surrogate can take longer and it’s a real matching process, you have to be comfortable with her and she has to like and be comfortable with you. This is the woman who will be carrying your child, finding the right one who is responsible and makes you feel comfortable is worth the wait. When your team is in place it’s just a matter of before your dream of a family of your own comes true.

    RSMC is a complete, physician run medical center. We have all the services required for LGBT people, or anybody, to build a family. For more information on our gay friendly surrogacy program, or any of our other programs, please contact us at [email protected].

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