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How to Find a Surrogate Mother with RSMC in San Diego, California

/How to Find a Surrogate Mother with RSMC in San Diego, California
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Finding the surrogate mother can be really difficult. Seriously… How do you think go about finding one on your own? It’s pretty much impossible. You would have to do a lot of screening and due dilligence yourself. This is why surrogate agencies were created. Agencies make it there whole goal to lineup surrogate mothers that are worthy and present them to people who are trying to find a surrogate mother.

Steps to Find A Surrogate Mother

1) Look for Agencies

The first step you want to take is looking for an agency that you’re going to be comfortable with. You’re going to want to take into account the success rates without agency as well as where they are located. With a situation like this though, location does not matter so much. You’re going to be able to work with an agency is that is anywhere in the world really. That is why it is vital to pick one that you’re comfortable with. After all, the agency is going to be the one who’s deciding who’s going to carry your child. You don’t want agency to be some dimwits and take a mother who is it qualified.

2) Fill out Applications

The next thing you’re going to want to do is start to fill out applications at different agencies. Just because you want to find a surrogate mother, doesn’t mean that the agency is going to accept you. Some agencies are highly touted and are very difficult to get into because they have such a prestigious record. Your best bet is to fill out multiple applications at different agencies so that you have a good amount of options available for you.

3) Start the Process

After you filled out your applications they’re going to be reviewed over the next couple of days. You’re going be probably brought in for an interview where it will be more so like a consultation.

Advantages to an Agency

With using an agency there are so many advantages rather than if you did everything on your own. If you do it on your own there so many things that could go wrong and it is your first time doing it probably. The agency has handled over hundreds of cases and have a much easier process than if you were trying take this endeavor up by yourself. There are a couple of specific advantages I’m going to talk about now.

What’s nice about the use they’re going to cover anything that happens. This means that all medical arrangements, legal advice, travel arrangements, as well as a constant line of communication between parents and the surrogates.

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