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    Do I need to stop birth control before freezing my eggs?

    Birth control pills prevent ovulation. Therefore you will have to stop taking them before you begin the egg freezing process. You can start using them again after your egg retrieval. However, if you are using an IUD (intrauterine device), you will not need to remove it during the egg freezing process.
    If you have been using birth control patches or pills for a long time, we usually suggest thatyou stop using them for a month before commencing the egg freezing process. This is because these pills make your ovaries go to sleep. So, in order to increase your ovaries’ response to fertility drugs, we give them one month extra to “wake up.” It’s not wrong or bad if you don’t want to stop the pill, but doing so can make the egg freezing cycle longer, as you may need extra days of medication to get your ovaries into full swing.

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