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    How Much Does an Egg Donor Cost in San Diego?2020-02-29T09:43:35-08:00

    How Much Does an Egg Donor Cost in San Diego?

    The cost of a one cycle for an egg donor is going to be around $10,000. You can expect to sometime pay a little bit less or a little bit more. It really just depends on your situation. But it is a good idea to accept about a 10 to 20% variable pricing going either way. This will put you anywhere from about $8000-$12,000.
    There are a good amount factors that are going to influence this pricing. One of those factors is which clinic that you use. A certain clinic is going to charge a different amount then another one. If you’re using agency, is the same thing pretty much. You’ll find an agency is going to have different pricing then another agency. They are still going to be really similar, but they’re not charge you the exact same thing.
    Additionally certain claims or agencies have a really high reputation and they’re going to be able to charge a lot more then in comparison to ones that aren’t as reputable. Success rate can also play a part in the pricing of the clinic. If a certain agency or clinic has really high success rate then you can expect to pay more.
    The next big influence is the location. It is going to be a little bit cheaper if it is in a not so expensive stay. So it is probably less expensive in California then it is in New York city.
    One last thing that really influences the cost is the type of egg donor that she wants. Some people are specifically looking for a certain ethnicity. For example, Caucasian eggs are going to cost last then someone is searching for Asian eggs.
    To find out the exact cost in would be best to contact us. We’re going to be able to help you.