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How Much Does an Egg Donor Cost in Los Angeles, California?2015-06-23T15:32:59+00:00

The pricing in Los Angeles for an act donor is going to be around $10,000 for one cycle. When you get down to it though, that price to have a variance of about 10 to 20%. This means that it could be priced about thousand to $2000 more for $1000-$2000 less.
Ultimately, this would put the price roughly anywhere between $8,000 and $12,000.
That particular price above is constructed due to a number of different variables. These variables intern will affect how much you end up paying. There is going to be about $6000 it shouldn’t expect you going to the treatment costs itself for paying the doctors and the consultations and all that stuff.
The next couple of factors and we discussed the ones that are going to swing it by couple grand or not.
One of those factors is the clinic or agency that you’re using. Each clinic is going to charge a different price then the next one. A lot of them are going to be really similar pricing especially if you’re looking within the same location. However, it is still worth noting that different entities are going to charge different prices.
Next actor is the location that you received it. Since you’re probably looking in Los Angeles you can be thankful that the price is usually cheaper than in other major cities like New York or Houston. In those cities you can expect to pay about thousand dollars more just because the cost of living is high.
Last but not least, it is that type of accent you’re looking for. Some donors are more rare to come by. For example, Asian egg donors are harder to get an thoughts are going to cost more money then a Caucasian egg donor.