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    The Donor Eggs Did the Trick, We Now Have an Amazing Baby

    Donor Eggs Were Our Last Option

    Donor EggsAfter 7 failed IVF attempts at three different clinics, our last option was donor eggs. I had heard about some very positive experiences other people had at RSMC/Physician’s Surrogacy and decided to send them an email with questions. Immediately, they responded and provided all information regarding donor eggs. We arranged an appointment for the following week.

    When we arrived we weren’t sure we were at the right place – being used to the fancy and cold feeling of all the other IVF clinics we had gone to. This was different –We met all the staff and were given a tour of the clinic. It was actually the easiest, most stress free, IVF experience I have ever had.

    All of the staff was/is so caring and we felt like they took the time and got to know us. We picked a donor and everything felt relaxed, I remember them telling us that “IVF was stressful enough and they didn’t want us to stress about anything that didn’t need to be stressed about” a statement that was and is so true!! Whenever I had a question it was answered immediately. We were successful on our first attempt and now have the most amazingly precious 10-month-old that has completely changed our lives and made our dreams come true!!

    While waiting for our first blood test results I was so worried I would have to wait until Monday for the results (and if you have ever experienced the dreaded 2 week wait – you know what adding 2 extra days could do to your sanity….) They told me they would stay late and wait for the results or would come by later that evening and check and let me know – I was absolutely amazed that they would do that??!!

    I am so thankful for everything they did to help us achieve a family!!! We just completed a frozen transfer and again were successful and expecting another miracle baby!! Again this process was so easy and we felt very taken care of. I will never be able to fully show them how much we appreciate all they have done for us!!!

    —A.N Beach,  AZ


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