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The IUI Cycle Worked, IVF Wasn’t Necessary


RSMC Adjusted the Medication So My Next IUI Cycle Was the Charm After visiting another fertility doctor in California for 4 failed IUI cycles, I still wasn’t quite ready to take the plunge costing thousands of dollars and undergo invasive procedures if it wasn’t absolutely necessary. I met with the RSMC doctor and the ...Read More

The IUI Cycle Worked, IVF Wasn’t Necessary2019-03-13T08:51:39+00:00

Surrogacy Helped When Trish Had Secondary Infertility


When She was Unable to Get Pregnant a Second Time, a Surrogate Carried Her Baby Trish had her first baby, Riley, through natural conception when she was just 20 but 15 years later, now aged 35, when she wanted to have another baby she experienced difficulties getting pregnant again. Despite 7 unsuccessful IVF cycles ...Read More

Surrogacy Helped When Trish Had Secondary Infertility2019-03-15T07:46:55+00:00

Why I Chose RSMC


Y.L., San Diego Because I am Chinese and grew up in a medical family, I have used many Chinese therapies to try to overcome infertility issues. However, after 6 years of trying and numerous Chinese doctors (Acupuncture, herbs, etc.), there was still no success in sight. We went to another IVF clinic and did ...Read More

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