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When is Someone an “Older Parent?”


Is 50 the new 40 for motherhood? Is the age of the Older Parent here? (CNN) Before singer Sophie B. Hawkins (see photo), who already has a 6-year-old son, decided to have another baby at 50, she admits, her age made her think more than twice about the humongous and life-changing step. "I went through ...Read More

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Putting Off Pregnancy, Is It Right for You? Part 1


The 'Big Lie' in Putting Off Pregnancy Tina Fey gave birth to her second daughter, Penelope, in 2011, when she was 41. Her daughter Alice was born in 2005. Blame it on the baby bump and our pop cultural infatuation with celebrity, but today, regular women have yet another reason to feel ...Read More

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