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    Some of the Benefits of Being an Older Mom

    Being an Older Mom Can be a Huge Blessing for Both Parent and Child

    Older MomThere are a lot of advantages of being an older mom, you are more secure in yourself, your finances and your spouse and support system. The fact that you are becoming a mother at the older end of the spectrum also generally means that you really want to be a parent, you’ve probably put a lot of thought and work into your decision to become a parent. Here are just a few of the reasons older parents rock.

    You’ve done all your clubbing/partying/road-tripping. Staying home is now one of your happy times and there’s no better reason to stay home than to concentrate on your child.

    You’re more patient, experienced and empathetic. You already know how to handle crazy bosses, neighbors and insane and/or drunk family members, so children are relatively easy to deal with.

    you know how not to sweat the small stuff. You survived being parented before parenting became a verb, as well as survived your twenties, thirties, forties and childbirth or adoption. When your kid starts freaking out over truly small stuff you will not be freaking out too.

    You may have already done tons of pinch-hit parenting with your nieces, nephews and friend’s children. And your nieces, nephews and friend’s kids will love hanging with your kid.

    Hand-me-downs. Kids outgrow their clothes so fast they seldom wear it out so you will be gifted with a lot of clothes and toys. If you’re really lucky there’ll be someone at your day care or play group who has it all organized, you just drop off your child’s outgrown clothes and pick up a new wardrobe.

    The little bit of sleep you get will be totally appreciated, deep and profoundly deserved.

    Chasing your kid around will make you feel younger.  Until it doesn’t and you feel like you’re 110, hopefully by then the child is in bed and you’re headed there yourself.

    Children organize your life. There are only so many hours in the day and you don’t have any to waste, you have to hone in on what’s important and concentrate on that. To get to love and be loved by