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    How Asian Egg Donors Change Lives

    Asian Egg Donors Are Very Much in Demand

    Asian Egg DonorsAsian Egg Donors- Ever since China’s landmark decision to ban its one-child policy came into effect, it has changed the lives of so many individuals and couples, including the LGBT community. Now, the Chinese can add onto their family legacy by having another baby.

    While this decision has made numerous people in China thrilled with their future, unfortunately many have realized that they are struggling with infertility. According to recent data, 1 in 10 individuals in China are infertile.

    The need for surrogates climbs higher as does the demand for Asian egg donors.

    Many Chinese citizens are turning to the United States to build their families. The United States remains a sought after destination because there are surrogacy friendly states such as California. Additionally, the laws in surrogacy friendly states are stable: Intending parents can obtain parentage rights, surrogates are released from any parentage, elite Asian egg donors abound, and embryo transfer success rates are high. Also different from other countries, the surrogates in the United States are rigorousl