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    Adderall And Its Effects on Egg Donation

    Using donor eggs is a great option for women who are unable to naturally reproduce using their own eggs. An egg donor is also needed for men who are using a surrogate.  At Reproductive Sciences Medical Center, we have an extensive database that consists of a wide variety of donors worldwide. This allows you to select an egg donor that best suits your wants and needs.  However, understanding specific factors that affect fertility and the health of the donor’s eggs is important. This can help a couple make a more informed decision when it comes to choosing the right donor. 

    It is well known that a potential egg donor needs to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Apart from ensuring she maintains a healthy lifestyle, the types of medications she is taking will also be considered. There are several drugs that are known to adversely affect egg quality. This could ultimately complicate things when someone wants to potentially donate their eggs.  

    In this post, we consider the potential impact that Adderall may have on a woman’s ability to donate their eggs. We will also look at what actions can be taken in order to reduce these potential adverse effects.

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    What Is Adderall?

    Adderall is a relatively popular drug used to treat symptoms a person may experience that are associated with ADHD. ADHD, also known as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, does not only affect children and teenagers. Some studies have shown that approximately 2% of women may also experience these symptoms during adulthood. The condition causes impulsiveness, the inability to effectively focus and pay attention, and may also lead to restlessness. 

    Adderall is considered a combination drug that works by altering certain substances that are naturally found in the brain. The drug contains two active ingredients, known as Dextroamphetamine and Amphetamine. Therefore, it is called a combination of medicine. Both ingredients are stimulants that help to improve attention and focus. The medicines may also help to improve behavior. 


    The Potential Impact of Adderall On Egg Donation

    When a woman considers becoming an egg donor, there are several factors that are taken into account. As we have already mentioned, it is not only her overall well-being that is considered. If a potential egg donor is taking medication – it needs to be mentioned to the physician overseeing the process. 

    Many women do not realize that Adderall can actually have an adverse impact on both fertility and pregnancy. When it comes to looking at Adderall use among young adult women, there are factors like potential abuse that also need to be noted here. In fact, according to one publication, at the moment, there is great concern regarding the use of Adderall among women aged between 18 and 25 in cases where the patient does not suffer from ADHD or a related condition. 

    Adderall, along with many other stimulant drugs that are often provided to people who have symptoms associated with ADHD, may play a role when it comes to fertility.   Additionally, this type of medication also seems to have certain risks that need to be taken into account during pregnancy.

    For example, one study found that there is a 28% increase in the risk of cardiac malformations when a woman uses ADHD drugs while she is pregnant. A higher risk of seizures and a significant reduction in muscle tone among babies developing in the womb have also been noted in the study. 

    The issue that needs to be raised here is the potential effects that Adderall can have on the fertility of a woman who is considering egg donation.  Egg quality is something that is critical in order to ensure a successful pregnancy. 

    One long-term study looked at how the use of ADHD medication, such as Adderall, over an extended period of time would affect the body. The majority of these studies found that long-term use can cause an impairment of the reproductive system. When used from a young age, the drug may even cause a delay in sexual maturation. 

    What Should A Potential Egg Donor Do?

    When a woman is looking to become an egg donor, and is taking Adderall, an appointment with a fertility specialist is crucial. They will be able to provide a potential egg donor with the appropriate information regarding potential effects Adderall may have on her fertility. 

    During the appointment, the physician will ask several questions regarding the potential donor’s medical history. The potential donor will also go through a thorough medical screening, which may include blood tests and an ultrasound.  This will help the fertility specialist determine if taking specific medications has had a negative impact on the quantity and quality of the eggs. A red flag is usually raised when the potential egg donor has been taking the medication for a significant period of time.  

    Special instructions are often provided to women to get their bodies ready for the egg donation process.  When the fertility specialist is advised that the woman has been taking Adderall or another type of stimulant drug that assists with the treatment of ADHD, they might provide recommendations on actions that should be taken as well. 

    Due to the potential effects of Adderall on fertility, a potential egg donor might have to go off the medication for some time before she would be considered a good candidate.  During this time, appropriate strategies might be put in place to help her cope with any type of withdrawal symptoms she could develop after prolonged use of Adderall. The use of the medication can be reinstated once the egg donation process has taken place, and no complications have developed. 


    There are certain types of medication that can not only become an issue during pregnancy but also have an impact on the egg quality of a potential donor. Understanding the effects of Adderall on fertility and egg quality is important. If you are looking to become an egg donor and you are taking Adderall, it might be a good idea to discuss your options with a qualified physician. 

    Reproductive Sciences Medical Center, an egg donor agency in San Diego, has helped create thousands of families. If you have any questions about the egg donation process, you can always visit fertile.com or call us at (858) 436-7186 to learn more! 

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