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    15 Famous Celebrities Who Opted for Surrogacy

    15 Celebrities Who Used a Surrogate Mother to Grow Their Families

    Most people want at least one parent to have a genetic connection to their child and the use of a Celebrities Who Used a Surrogate Mothersurrogate mother is one way they can have that connection. With more and more people past their prime child bearing years, and gay individuals wanting to start families, surrogacy has become an accepted part of the fertility process.

    Part of the secrecy that formerly accompanied the use of a surrogacy agency and surrogate by celebrities is gone, now many celebrities using surrogate mothers announce the fact when they welcome their new arrival. Here are a some of the many celebrities who have used a surrogate mother to carry their precious children.

    1. Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick: After giving birth to their first child, James Wilkie, Sarah Jessica Parker was not able achieve another successful pregnancy, so the couple used a surrogate to carry their twin daughters, Marion Loretta Elwell and Tabitha Hodge, in 2009.
    2. Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban: After the birth of their first daughter, Sunday Rose, Nicole and Keith used a gestational surrogate to carry their second daughter, Faith Margaret, in 2010.
    3. Michael Jackson: After the birth of his first two children with then wife Debbie Rowe, Prince and Paris, Michael Jackson hired a surrogate to carry his third child, Michael Joseph (Blanket) to term in 2002.
    4. Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka: The multi-talented Harris and his designer partner, Burtka, welcomed fraternal twins Gideon Scott and Harper Grace, who were born to a surrogate mother in October 2010.
    5. George Lucas and Mellody Hobson: In August 2013 a surrogate gave birth to Everest Hobson Lucas, the first biological child for George Lucas and Mellody Hobson.
    6. Elton John and David Furnish: Elton and David used the same surrogate for the birth of both of their sons, Zachary in 2010 and Elijah in 2013.
    7. Katey Segal and Kurt Sutter: The “Sons of Anarchy” creator and his star wife became parents to Esme Louis in January, 2007 with the help of a surrogate.
    8. Angela Bassett and Courtney B: After struggling for seven years to have a family, Angela Bassett and Courtney B became parents of twins Bronwyn Golden and Slater Josiah in January 2006 with the help of a surrogate.
    9. Ricky Martin: The Latin singing sensation welcomed his twin sons Matteo and Valentino via a surrogate mother in August 2008.
    10. GloZell Green and Kevin Simon: GloZell and Kevin documented their fertility struggles and introduced their surrogate to the world on their web series. The surrogate, Shawna Johnson, gave birth on August 7, 2016 to O’Zell Gloriana De Green Simon.
    11. Tyra Banks and Erik Asla: In January 2016 Tyra and Erik’s baby, York Banks Asla, was born via a surrogate.
    12. Elizabeth Banks and Max Handelman: After several years of trying to get pregnant, Elizabeth Banks became a mother when Felix Handelman was born