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10 Tips for Getting Pregnant Fast

10 Tips for Getting Pregnant Fast

Want to get pregnant fast?

get pregnant fast

If, like many people, you’ve spent your life up until now avoiding pregnancy, you are going to be shocked to learn that most couples don’t conceive in the first month without birth control. Most healthy couples under 35 will conceive within the first year of trying. In couples where the woman is over 35 there’s more of a sense of urgency since her eggs are getting older by the day. If they haven’t conceived after six months of trying they need to start looking into fertility treatment. If you’ve started to wonder “how can I get pregnant fast,” here are some ideas.

  1. Stop birth control ahead of time: After you stop hormone based birth control, it takes a few cycles for the body to start ovulating regularly. Birth control pills should be stopped 2-3 months before, Depo-Provera shots which should be stopped 9 months before. Once regular ovulation starts again it’s a good time to start charting your cycle to see when you’re ovulating.
  2. Calculate your fertile days: There are a lot of free fertility calculators online that can help you figure out the length of your cycle and the day(s) of the month when you’re most fertile. A good way of assessing your fertile days is to chart your basal body temperature using a specially designed thermometer. The day after you ovulate, your BBT will rise 0.4 to 1.0 degree and will stay elevated until your next period. If you have trouble charting your basal body temperature, you can always buy an over-the-counter ovulation test.
  3. Have sex before you ovulate: Ideally you should have sex the five days before ovulation and on the day of ovulation. Sperm can live, in your fallopian tubes and uterus, for 2-3 days but the egg is only able to be fertilized for 12 to 24 hours after it is released. It’s better to have the sperm ready and waiting than to try to time it exactly.
  4. Don’t worry about having an orgasm: While it would be wonderful if you do have an orgasm, it isn’t necessary for conception. Some people believe that the orgasm draws more sperm into the vagina and uterus but this hasn’t been proven so don’t worry about it. It is a good idea to stay in a reclining position for a little while after, increasing the chances of sperm through the cervix.
  5. Ditch the lube: Studies have found that non-contraceptive commercial lubricants (like Replens and Astroglide) can be as toxic to sperm as those using spermicide. One alternative mentioned frequently is canola oil, which has no effect on sperm. If you don’t find that a palatable option, look for one of the “sperm friendly” lubes on the market.
  6. Quit smoking: Neither partner should smoke anything since smoking makes you prone to ectopic pregnancies, lowers the number and quality of sperm and is linked to an increased risk of miscarriage.
  7. Limit caffeine and eliminate alcohol: Small amount of caffeine (two 8 oz. cups of coffee or tea a day or less) aren’t going to be a big factor in your ability to get pregnant but may start to become an issue. If you want to get pregnant fast, eliminating alcohol completely is a good idea. Swedish researchers have found that women who drank two alcoholic beverages a day decreased their fertility by nearly 60%.
  8. Get your body ready for pregnancy: You should start taking vitamins as soon as you start thinking about getting pregnant. Even if you have a good, well-balanced diet you might still be missing some vitamins and minerals that are important during a pregnancy, like folic acid. Prenatal vitamins will have everything you need and can be purchased over the counter. Studies have shown that when 5% of total calories eaten come from vegetable protein instead of animal, the risk of ovulatory infertility drops by more than 50%.
  9. Visit your medical professional: The majority of couples conceive within the first year of trying, especially if the woman is under 35. If you’re a woman under 35 and you’ve been trying for over a year without success, it’s time to consider fertility treatment. The same goes for a woman over 35 who has been trying for six months or more. Your fertility center can guide you to the best fertility treatment options for you so you can get on with building your family.
  10. Fertility Treatment: If you still aren’t pregnant after trying all the above it’s time to get serious, this means visiting the best fertility clinic you can find. You should find a full service Fertility center, from the minimally invasive IUI treatment to the IVF process to gestational surrogacy. After initial testing to narrow down the possible reasons for the infertility, the fertility center will recommend the mildest treatment possible to start with and then move to more advanced treatment if that doesn’t work. Many people just need a little help and are successful with the minimally invasive IUI treatment. While others require a higher level of treatment, usually IVF, but are just as successful in becoming parents. Building the family of your dreams is one of the most important things you’ll ever do so, if things you can do on your own don’t work, it’s well worth visiting the best fertility clinic in San Diego.
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