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    After Tragedy, RSMC Was Able to Rebuild Their Family

    RSMC Helped the Petersons Rebuild Their Family After Tragedy

    Rebuild Their Family

    I remember during our first meeting the Intended Mother, Carol, was rubbing her gold cross with her fingers. John, the Intended Father, was doing most of the talking and Carol asked only a few questions. They were a couple that

    lived in France, were in their late 50’s and had been married for over 25 years.

    We went over the normal paperwork and accounting statements. While we had been in contact for about two months, mostly emailing, this meeting felt very formal. I knew their story, and may be for them seeing me in person made that story resurface, as it was the reason they were here.

    They had two sons, and a wonderful life where Carol was able to stay home a raise her sons. Then, one day, both sons were killed in a tragic car accident. One was 17 and the other was 18. I could see they had told this story before, but even today, did not want to talk about it.

    Their other heartache was that they, before now, had thought that “this sort of thing” (IVF, surrogacy and egg donation) was wrong. That it shouldn’t be done. But, after what I would assume was some soul searching, their need to have children outweighed that belief. They chose an egg donor, met with their surrogate and signed all the necessary paperwork. And it was done. They were moving forward to have a child with a surrogate mother and an

    egg donor. And while they were nervous, I could see they were happy about the choice they had made.

    The embryos were a very good quality and their chances were very good. They were pregnant on the first try. Two heartbeats. Two boys. They were overseas when then news come through, and the doctor had contacted them first. They were elated, but still cautious about upcoming twin pregnancy.

    They knew that with multiples, came more risk not only to their babies, but to their surrogate. Over the course of the pregnancy the surrogate and the Petersons developed a friendship. They would email and Skype often. The surrogate was wonderful, and they knew they were so lucky to have her carrying their children.

    Two weeks before the due date, the surrogate was placed on bed rest to avoid early delivery as she was experiencing some signs of the onset of labor. Carol came immediately and waited by her side in the hospital for the next week weeks. John arrived a few days before the delivery so it was perfect timing. The delivery was smooth, both babies and the surrogate were doing great.

    Carol and John came by the office before their long trip home to France. When I walked in the room, I couldn’t stop starring at Carol. She had an ear-to-ear grin as all new mothers due, but she looked 15 years younger. Her cheeks were pink, her skin was glowing and her eyes were bright.

    The boys were at her and John’s feet all buckled into their car seats. Under several blankets with tiny blue hats on and they were sound asleep. They had stopped by to say goodbye and thank you. Their grateful smiles were sincere and genuine.

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