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Powerful Image of Powerful Love


Angela Nicole was saving all the syringes and vials from her in vitro fertilization (IVF) shots with the hope that one day she’d be able to use them for a different purpose. And now that she finally has her healthy baby girl, she got to use them. To read more about Angela's path to motherhood, ...Read More

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Gender Selection Through Embryo Screening


Advancements in infertility technology now allows intended parents to safely select the sex of their unborn child.  While the majority of anticipating parents would be happy with either a boy or girl, in some instances an individual or  couple may want to predetermine the gender. Sex selection is an option for those who want to avoid ...Read More

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Know What Happens During IVF Treatment


IVF Treatment is a Series of Steps That Starts with Ovulation Regulation and Ends with a Pregnancy Test IVF treatment is the “big guns” of the fertility world and is used only after other, less invasive, methods have been tried and failed. The IVF procedure is expensive and time consuming but worth it. The ...Read More

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We Were Thrilled: Two Children from One Embryo


Mark and Stacey G., New York, NY “We couldn’t be more pleased with the RSMC staff and our outcome! We are so thrilled to have 2 healthy babies from just 1 viable embryo! What a tribute to the extraordinary skills of the doctors and the whole RSMC staff. We wouldn’t go anywhere else if ...Read More

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