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    RSMC Helped Us Get Pregnant


    The doctors at RSMC are Brilliant and Helped Us Get Pregnant “Watching our boys age 15 and 12 collect their tennis trophies and thinking of the team at RSMC (you’d never know they weren’t A grade embryos LOL)! They are brilliant physicians (to say the least) who helped us get pregnant. We found them ...Read More

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    Latest Treatment Options for Infertility Seminar on RSMC


    Dr. Wood's FREE Fertility Seminar in San Diego: Physician-led Monthly Fertility Seminar Latest Treatment Options for Infertility December 7, 6:00–7:30pm, Led by Dr. Wood Chance to Win $2,000 Credit Toward a Full IVF Cycle for 1 Out of Every 10 Patients All Patients Receive a $350 Credit Toward a New Full IVF Cycle Call ...Read More

    Latest Treatment Options for Infertility Seminar on RSMC2019-11-26T07:56:59+00:00