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A Surrogacy Miracle, Part 3 – Becoming a Mom

Becoming a Mom of 4

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becoming a momTASHA: On May 10, 2006, I got a call from Raquel; she was on her way to the hospital. Even though both babies were breech, her labor progressed quickly, so we didn’t make it in time to watch her c-section. But when we saw our daughter, Ayla, and our son, Jalen, for the first time, John and I found ourselves crying in each other’s arms again. But this time, it was for a very different reason.

I’ve been asked to describe that moment when I first saw my children, but I can’t. It was awesome, emotional, incredible — all those words combined. We were just amazed at how you can love two little people so much so fast. I think every parent feels that overwhelming joy.

We brought the babies home and got them settled. Then just over a week later, on May 18, John drove me to the hospital. I already knew I was going to have a c-section — one of my babies was breech, too.

On the drive there, I realized that, finally, I wasn’t guarded anymore. I knew I’d meet my younger set of twins soon, and I couldn’t wait.

JOHN: Lennon came out first, and I was in awe. Seeing her take her first breath — it was really incredible. Then Mirra was born, and our family was finally complete.

It’s been almost a year since their births now, and we’re still figuring out how to juggle babies! During the first seven weeks, Tasha’s mom and my mom would come for a week at a time, as would Raquel and her kids. When the babies were 3 months old, we hired a nanny.

Still, getting them to sleep or eat or stop fussing — things like that have been such a huge learning experience, figuring out what works and what doesn’t. But four babies or one, we’re just like all other new parents — learning a lot every day.

TASHA: I don’t think having these babies is sweeter because of what we’ve been through; all parents love their babies so incredibly despite how long it took them to get pregnant. We do feel lucky. Even now, I go into the nursery and see them in their cribs and I get so emotional — I’m just so happy with what we have.

Our struggles having these babies have definitely made us stronger, but I know that each situation in life will bring different challenges and emotions. It’s not like I feel that I can get through anything now because of what we’ve been through, but this has certainly made me more hopeful.

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