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Value adding is not just another wordy topic that no one understands. We at RSMC try to really value add or really add life to the whole counts. We are trying to help people who have problem with conceiving give life back to them with help in finding the surrogate mother and IVF to raise their child in another womb. This is the most humane thing that any woman can do for another mother.
We are always in the lookout for the mothers who are ready to let other mothers use their womb for their child. They are the real MVP in this and everyone should be grateful that they were in the world.
Our clientele are instructed to keep in touch with the mothers and give them credit for the service that they are rendering. Our clientele is also responding to it, they are always taking care of the surrogate mother of their child, and that is a great sight. At RSMC we are always on our toes to take good care of the surrogate mothers.
“Severe heart problems are something that is going to make your life a living hell and you are going to want to die rather than live the routine life. I have been married to a great man for several years now and he knew of my heart problem. He accepted that we are never going to be parents. I don’t know about him but I really feel bad for the whole shebang. He would never say that he is unhappy but I have to know about everything. I heard somewhere about the surrogacy and wanted to do some reading in the web. I ended up in the RSMC website and I am now on the way to become a mother with the help of a surrogate.”