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What is IUI?

Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is a type of assisted reproductive treatment. It is also referred to as artificial insemination. In an IUI procedure, your physician will place washed, prepared sperm near the egg inside the uterus (womb) when it is the time of the woman’s ovulation. This procedure is often combined with fertility drugs to help track ovulation and to increase chances of success. The timing of insemination is crucial due to the short period of ovulation and lifetime of sperm in the vagina.

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The Process of IUI Treatment

Step 1: Ovulation Induction 
During unstimulated cycles, IUI is takes place at the time of natural ovulation without the addition of fertility drugs. IUI is typically performed between day 12 and day 16 of your natural cycle; the exact day is dependent on your individual menstrual cycle. Your doctor will advise on the best day for you. Depending on your particular situation, you may need to use fertility drugs alongside your IUI treatment, as a stimulated cycle. If so, you will start taking fertility medications towards the start of your menstrual cycle to stimulate your ovaries, which will develop two mature eggs for fertilization, rather than your usual one egg per month.

Step 2: Insemination
You may ovulate naturally or be administered an injection with the hormone, human chorionic gonadotrophin (hcg) to induce ovulation. Fresh or frozen sperm may be used. The washed and selected sperm is then inserted using a thin catheter (tube) through your cervix, into the uterus within 24 hours and 40 hours of the hcg injection.

Why consider IUI?

  • Mild endometriosis
  • Borderline low sperm count
  • Low sperm quality or poor mobility.
  • If you are unable to have sex due to limitations such as disability, injury, or if you experiences premature ejaculation.
  • Other unexplained reasons for infertility
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RSMC offers some of the most experienced IUI fertility doctors in San Diego

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As highly-experienced physicians and lab specialists with over 150 years of combined experience, we have addressed a variety of situations, including some of the most challenging fertility cases and numerous IUI treatments. To improve our services and patient care, we established over 40 selected protocols for the IVF process, which can translate into hundreds of personalized treatments. Every situation is unique and there are so many factors that can affect fertility. Having a number of selected protocols means starting with the best option of treatment for your individualized situation. Most importantly, you can take advantage of our medical and personal experience to give you the best chance for a successful pregnancy and of growing your family.

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