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What is Gestational Surrogacy?

Gestational surrogacy is the term used to describe the process in which a woman carries a pregnancy to term on behalf of another woman. The intended parents are intimately involved with the pregnancy, are typically present at the birth, and assume parenting responsibilities immediately thereafter.

Gestational surrogacy may be achieved with the intended mother’s eggs or with a donor’s eggs, meaning the gestational surrogate (or carrier) has no genetic relation to the baby. Likewise, the sperm may be provided by the intended father or from a sperm donor. The insemination of the egg is performed by way of in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedures, including ICSI. Unlike egg or sperm donors, the gestational surrogate is always known by the intended parents. A surrogate can be someone you know, a close friend or relative, or obtained through a surrogacy agency. All potential surrogates must meet doctor-established criteria, undergo medical evaluations and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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Exceptional Team and Program

We understand that there may have been many emotional and financially burdening avenues traveled prior to deciding on surrogacy. We know that the process of trying to create your family may feel overwhelming. That is why your search for the perfect team starts and ends with our center. Our numerous years of dedication and extensive knowledge is only part of what we offer you at RSMC. Our center provides an all-inclusive, service-oriented approach that minimizes financial, physical and emotional risks.

Because of our innovative and integrative approach, we are able to provide you with surrogate mothers who have already been screened, both psychologically and medically, therefore offering your peace of mind and confidence throughout your entire journey.

When to Consider Surrogacy?

  • You’re unable to conceive because of uterus irregularities
  • You have a history of multiple failed IVF cycles without a known cause
  • You have and underlying medical condition that could cause great risk to yourself or your baby during pregnancy
  • When used in conjunction with donor eggs, surrogacy offers single men, LGBT-individuals and couples, opportunities to become parents
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Why Choose RSMC for Surrogacy?

High Pregnancy Success Rate – Our high surrogate/egg donor pregnancy rate – over 80% surrogacy pregnancy for 10+ years* and over 87% egg donor pregnancy rate for 10+ years* – is a direct result of the over 40 years of combined experience for our embryologists and IVF doctors.

Comprehensive Matching Process – Our matching process relies on detailed criteria to assure the greatest compatibility. You will receive an in-depth profile of the surrogate, including photographs, medical history, education and other relevant information. We’re proud of our 100% match rate.

Stringent Surrogate Screening and Selection – Our selection standards are much more strict than the widely accepted FDA standards. Prior to being accepted into our program, prospective surrogates undergo a thorough pre-screening by an OB physician, preliminary diagnostic screening, background check, intensive psychological assessment and complete a full medical evaluation.

OB/GYN Controlled Pregnancy – An experienced physician will closely monitor the surrogate and create a delivery and birth plan. Detailed reports on both the baby and surrogate will be sent directly to the parents, who can also communicate directly with the physician.

Dedicated Personal Support – Both you and the surrogate will be provided a Case Manager throughout the process to provide constant communication and support. Our psychologist monitors surrogates to ensure continued emotional stability and a clean lifestyle. Post-delivery support includes legal documents, pediatrician referral and continued Case Manager and psychologist services.

Clear Legal Guidelines – All parties are represented by independent legal counsel, eliminating any conflicts of interest. Clear terms and guidelines are established for the entire process. Establishment of Parental Rights puts your name on the birth certificate.

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