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    RSMC Is a Highly Recommended Fertility Specialist

    RSMC Was the Answer to Our Search for a Highly Recommended Fertility Specialist

    Highly Recommended Fertility SpecialistAfter 5 years of marriage and growing up as childhood friends, we decided to extend our family. We thought it would be as simple as stop the birth control and in a few months, we would be pregnant. However, that wasn’t the situation. We tried to conceive for two years with no luck. We went to a fertility specialist close to home and were told that IVF was our only option.

    After researching the IVF procedure we decided to give it a try. We searched all over the internet for a highly recommended fertility specialist and RSMC was the answer to our prayers. We went to a consultation with Dr. Woods decided we were going to give the IVF procedure a try. The RSMC staff were professional, friendly, and very supportive through our entire IVF process.

    We were told it would be very emotional and stressful; however, it was anything but that, even though we drove 160 miles one way to each of our visits, whic