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    LGBTQ+ friendly fertility clinic.


    Monday to Friday
    8am – 4:30pm
    3661 Valley Centre Dr
    Suite 100, San Diego, CA 92130
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    Why donate with us?

    Compensation starts at $7,000-$25,000 per cycle, and up to $100,000+ per year as an Egg Donor.

    • We are not an agency: our in-house physicians ensure the best medical care for you
    • Safe: Egg donation is very safe with over 20,000 cycles being performed in the United States annually
    • 10-14 days stimulation period: there will be no interference with your work, study, or daily life
    • Total anonymous process to ensure your privacy
    • Protection & hassle free: clear legal representation and adequate insurances provided by us
    • Chinese, Japanese, and Caucasian donors are highly in demand, guaranteed speedy match or banking within 2 weeks
    • Experienced and educated donors makes higher compensation: talk to us about your qualifications
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    We’re not just an agency.
    We are physician-owned and operated.

    QUESTIONS? 858-847-5939 or 858-847-5118 | [email protected]

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    Safety & Qualifications

    Over 200,000 egg donation cycles are performed in the US annually.
    Our team of medical professionals have worked with thousands of egg donors and will ensure your safety.

    • 19-29 years old
    • Healthy Lifestyle
    • Non-Smoker
    • Chinese, Japanese, and Caucasian Donors in High Demand


    The desire for privacy is legitimate and it’s our priority to maintain your anonymity.
    Help these infertile couples while maintaining total privacy for yourself (you are anonymous to all parties).
    Only those you choose to share this journey with will know.

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