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Egg Freezing

San Diego’s outstanding fertility center, Reproductive Sciences Medical Center offer the leading infertility doctors. Many fertility centers spend too little time determining the correct diagnosis for a couple’s infertility, immediately recommending costly time-consuming treatments when only basic fertility treatment might be necessary. Some insist that all couples undergo the same set of tests even when the diagnosis is clear and in some cases, even when these some of these tests have already been performed at another fertility center. At Reproductive Sciences Medical Center, each couple is individually evaluated and only then is a customized set of diagnostic tests ordered for them.

Fertility Diagnostic Tests Available

  • Anti-Sperm antibodies

  • Sperm Penetration Assays

  • Complete Hormonal Testing

  • Ovulation Tests

  • Tests to determine “ovarian reserve” (egg quality)

  • Cervical Mucus

  • Hysteroscopy

  • Hysterosalpingogram (HSG)

  • Laparoscopy

  • Semen Analysis

  • Sperm Survival


Our fertility specialists are based in San Diego, CA and is conveniently located in Del Mar, California. We have worked hard to create and maintain our reputation as the leading San Diego fertility clinic and sciences center. RSMC has become synonymous with comprehensive and successful female and male infertility treatment, egg donor programs and surrogacy options, in vitro fertilization, ICSI and more.

While we have provided services to hundreds of patients throughout the Temecula, Murrieta, La Jolla, Riverside,San Bernardino, Encinitas, Los Angeles and Orange County areas, we also help many people from across the United States, Europe, Australia , Asia, Africa and the Americas who make us their final destination for treatment with infertility in San Diego.

Our fertility center has long been established as having one of the highest fertility success rates in the world, and with more than 150 years of combined medical training, experience and ongoing continuing education.

Some of our successful options for fertility treatment in San Diego include natural fertility treatment, advanced fertility treatment, IUI (Intrauterine Insemination), San Diego In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), ICSI for severe male infertility, genetic testing, embryo donation, blastocyst transfers, assisted hatching, and more. We are the top professionals of fertility options for women with cancer and fertility options for men with cancer in San Diego as well.


“We couldn’t be more pleased with the RSMC staff and our outcome! We are so thrilled to have 2 healthy babies from just 1 viable embryo! What a tribute to the extraordinary skills of the doctors and the whole RSMC staff. We wouldn’t go anywhere else if we try again, and will continue to refer our friends and rave about our experience. Thank you for our miracle babies! Without you, our family wouldn’t be the same. We will forever be grateful!”

Mark and Stacey G.

“Excellent care, great support services, spent a huge amount of time with me and my husband as we weighed different options, and pregnant after transferring just one embryo!  I can’t think of a single negative thing or reservation about recommending RSMC.  Everything was great, which isn’t easy in what can be a difficult process.”

Marion J.

“We searched for the best assistance with our fertility issues and found it with RSMC team. We could not have been treated better throughout the journey, which can be very emotional at times, but the care we received by RSMC and team made all the difference. And, in the end, we were blessed with a beautiful and healthy baby boy!”



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