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What is an IVF Protocol and Why is it Important?

IVF Protocol

IVF ProtocolAn IVF protocol is the standard procedures by which successful in vitro fertilization (IVF) is achieved.  IVF success rate is directly correlated with the number of high quality eggs that are retrieved from the woman.  In order to maximize the success rate, the woman takes several ovarian stimulation medication before retrieval of her eggs.  There are three commonly used protocols in all IVF centers:

  1. Luteal Lupron protocol also called “long Lupron”, or agonist “down regulation”
  2. Antagonist protocols involves use of of the GnRH antagonist medications
  3. Flare and micro-flare protocols, also called short Lupron protocols, or short protocols are used for patients expected to have a low response to ovarian stimulation

But with so many factors affecting fertility, having only three protocols is a little bit like having a one-size-fits all approach. Even adjustments to the selected protocol, may not provide enough customization to address the patient’s unique situation. With its specialized protocols, RSMC’s initial approach to patients provides a level of customized care that takes into account the many factors of an individual’s medical condition and identifies the best next steps.

Customized Care for a Greater Success Rate

RSMC, a fertility center California, takes Personalized Patient Care to the next level. Our highly-experienced embryologists and lab specialist have over 30 years combined experience with a variety of situations, including some of the most challenging fertility cases. During that time, they established specialized protocols for the IVF process, which can translate into hundreds of individual treatments. Every situation is unique and there are so many factors that can affect fertility. Having a number of selected protocols means starting with the best option of treatment for your individualized situation. It means fewer trial and error, as well as, minimized loss of time, expenses, and emotions. Most importantly, a more customized protocol means you will have the best chance for a successful pregnancy and of growing your family.

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