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The Most Common Birthdate in the US is September 9

In the US, the Most Common Birthdate Is September 9

Most Common BirthdateYou may have noticed in your social media feeds that a lot of people have birthdays in the fall. Did you ever wonder if that was just a coincidence or if there was a scientific explanation for that? Data from the National Center for Health Statistics and the Social Security Administration tells us that the most common birthdate is September 9 in the United States. Actually, 9 of the top 10 days to give birth fall between Sept. 9 and Sept. 20. Given that pregnancies last an average of about 38 weeks, this means many people are conceiving in December, around the holidays. During that time, many people have some time off and are spending more time with loved ones. There’s another factor involved in this timing as well, sperm production. Studies have shown that sperm production in healthy men is at its’ peak in the cooler months. When the testicles get too hot they don’t work as efficiently, this is also why men who have low sperm count are advised to avoid hot tubs. During the winter months people are not feeling as sluggish as they do during the summer so they’re more likely to have a romantic encounter. There is research that suggest that babies whose last couple of months before birth are during the summer, where there is a greater variety of fresh foods available, are bigger and stronger at birth because their mothers had access to better nutrition. The mother is also exposed to more sunlight and fewer viruses. While we’re talking about fall babies don’t forget about those middle of November birthdays, after all, Valentine’s day is February 14.

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