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    Egg Freezing: A Fertility Preservation Option for Cancer Patients


    In the reproductive medicine world, fertility preservation for cancer patients is one of the most important subjects people discuss. Young women diagnosed with cancer can suddenly face the possibility of a life-saving treatment that affects their ability to get pregnant. Although cancer treatment and full recovery should be the number one thing on the patient’s ...Read More

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    Egg Freezing: You Can Now Have a Career and a Family


    Today, women are more career-oriented than in the past. The number of women who have graduated from college has gone up significantly. Also, many more women are working as executives than 10 years ago.  However, there’s a downside to this professional commitment: More women are postponing family planning to a later age which can have ...Read More

    Egg Freezing: You Can Now Have a Career and a Family2020-01-17T10:25:22+00:00

    Questions to Ask If You’re Considering Egg Freezing


    It is understandable that you don’t want kids right now, but you will want them someday. You might have pondered, researched and done the preliminary math to know that freezing your eggs while you’re young keeps your options open to having children when you’re older. So, how do you decide if egg freezing is right ...Read More

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    Why Egg Freezing Is Gaining Popularity


    Egg Freezing is on the Rise Egg freezing, also known as oocyte cryopreservation, is a procedure used to preserve a woman's eggs. Using this technique, a woman can postpone becoming pregnant without egg of reduced quality. More and more women are opting to store their eggs for later use because it gives them control ...Read More

    Why Egg Freezing Is Gaining Popularity2019-11-26T07:11:53+00:00

    Fertility Preservation Through Egg Freezing


    Between 2009 and 2013, fertility preservation through egg freezing skyrocketed. In 2009 there were less than 500 women who chose to freeze their eggs at a fertility clinic in the United States, however in 2013 there was a record of nearly 4,000 women! The increasing popularity of fertility preservation can be attributed to the safe ...Read More

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