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    Egg Donor Testimonials

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    fet donor egg success stories

    Michelle L. Portland, OR

    “I wanted to become an egg donor for many reasons. First, my passion for health leads me to admire the ability of the human body to reproduce. I am currently taking an embryology course and I find all of it so fascinating! I believe it would be an incredible honor to help someone who could not otherwise have a child fulfill their dreams of having one. This knowledge alone is a huge benefit to me! And any compensation helped me pursue my own dreams of becoming a women’s health specialist by helping fund my current medical school education.”

    Avery L. Chicago, IL

    “I know there are couples out there that can’t have children and I’ve seen firsthand how devastating that can be, seeing my best friend go through her lowest point in life when she found out she couldn’t have children due to health issues. I believe everyone has a purpose in life and I strongly believe this was my purpose. There would be no greater feeling than giving someone a chance at a family, something that many of us take for granted.”

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    Hannah T. Glendale, AZ

    “I want to be able to give to others who are not fortunate enough to have their own biological children the opportunity to raise a child and start a family.”

    donor egg success stories

    Michaela P. San Francisco, CA

    “It breaks my heart to know some people are unable to have a child of their own. I became a donor because helping someone have a child is an amazing thing. I wanted to give a part of me (that I luckily have) to someone else and change their lives.”

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    Emily T. Oklahoma City, OK

    “Being able to bless someone else’s life with the gift of children is so fulfilling. Many people cannot have children, and I loved making a difference in their lives.”

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    Michaela P. Tampa, FL

    “I’ve witnessed the emotional effects of infertility in a loved one. I wanted to help others who are in similar situations.”

    egg donor stories

    Caroline J. Dallas, TX

    “I have never been a believer that blood or genetic makeup is what makes a family. It is the people who love and care for you who are your family.”

    egg donor

    Amanda M. Los Angeles, CA

    “I decided to become an egg donor after hearing a few of my close friends were unable to have children. I have never wanted children of my own but giving someone the opportunity to have one would be a great feeling for me.”

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    Caitlin S. Boston, MA

    “I find great joy in helping others. I’m so glad to have had the opportunity to give someone something that they will be able to love and cherish for forever.”

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    Haley E. Jacksonville, FL

    “I know that if I was unable to have children of my own, that there would be people in the world that would give me the opportunity to raise a child, and I want to be able to give that opportunity to others.”

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    Egg donation involves a screening process.  Not all potential egg donors are selected.  Not all selected egg donors receive the monetary amounts or compensation advertised.  As with any medical procedure, there may be risks associated with human egg donation.  Before an egg donor agrees to begin the egg donation process, and signs a legally binding contract, she is required to receive specific information on the known risks of egg donation.  Consultation with your doctor prior to entering into a donor contract is advised.