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    Become an Egg Donor

    Find Out if You Qualify to Become An Egg Donor

    Egg Donor Criteria

    • 18-29 years old
    • Live a healthy lifestyle
    • Be a non-smoker
    • Body Mass Index (BMI) lower than 28

    become an egg donor

    Physician’s Surrogacy

    at Reproductive Sciences Medical Center

    We’re not just an agency.

    We are integrated with a full-service IVF medical center.


    You have Super Powers!

    If you are considering to become an egg donor, you already understand the power you have to change lives. To become an egg donor you can realize significant financial benefits while knowing you are giving someone the gift of a lifetime.

    To become an egg donor is one of the most selfless and empowering decisions a woman can make for herself. And at the same time, your gift lets others realize their dream of a family.

    Why Donate with Us?


    Earn $7,000 – $25,000 per cycle.
    Earn up to $100,000 + per year as an egg donor.
    Refer a friend for egg donation and receive $800 per referral!


    Over 20,000 egg donation cycles are performed in the US annually.
    Our team of medical professionals have worked with thousands of egg donors and will ensure your safety.

    Comprehensive Care

    The desire for privacy is legitimate and it’s our priority to maintain your anonymity.
    Help these infertile couples while maintaining total privacy for yourself (you are anonymous to all parties).
    Only those you choose to share this journey with will know.

    Lifetime Opportunity

    The stimulation period takes less than 2 weeks.
    There will be no interruption to your daily life.

    The Only Fertility Center To Offer

    All These Services, Under One Roof

    “My parents can’t afford to help me attend graduate school, so I decided to consider egg donation as an option to pay for my education. Donating my eggs not only helped me earn extra money, but it’s a wonderful way to gift a family with a blessing and still be able to accomplish my dreams.”
    - Maria
    “The only reason why I am alive today is because my mom received amazing help from a fertility facility like RSMC. After hearing my mother’s story, I decided that I wanted to give back and help women in similar situations like my mom.”
    - Lisa
    “From LGBTQ couples to infertile mothers, seeing their pain of not being able to conceive a child breaks my heart. It gives me joy in knowing that I’m able to help. Helping these families out means adding extra happiness to their lives with a simple donation and I want to be their chance of hope.”
    - Elizabeth

    The decision to become an egg donor is a big one and comes with many questions and uncertainties. That is why it is essential you choose a center that answers all your questions, ensures you are fully informed and makes you feel completely comfortable before you make any decisions regarding donation. Physician’s Surrogacy at RSMC that brings together all the critical experts to guide you through each step of the way, with your health and safety as our primary concern!


    If you have questions about the process or your application, we would love to help you navigate through this process.
    Please contact us at 858-847-5939 or email [email protected]