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    5 Reasons to Donate Your Eggs: From a Donor’s Point of View

    Many people decide to donate their eggs, but one of the most common questions they get is, why would you donate something that belongs to you, and only you? Being a one-time Egg Donor myself, I understand where this confusion is coming from. It’s difficult for people to understand why a woman would donate her eggs, but talking from experience, there are plenty of Reasons to Donating Your Eggs.

    Before I became a donor, I too had my doubts. However, as soon as I visited the Egg Donor Agency and talked with people who’ve done the same thing, I decided to focus on the positive sides, and I quickly made up my mind. Women decide to give out their eggs for many reasons, I can’t speak for all of them, but I can tell you why I decided to take that step. In my case, I was moved by a strong desire to help a hopeful couple build a family after hearing heart-rending stories from my friends about their inability to get pregnant on their own. I decided I wanted to help them end their struggle and give them what they’ve always hoped for.

    Let me tell you 5 reasons to donate your eggs and why I have found that donating your eggs is so satisfying and rewarding.

    1. Getting to Free from Struggle is One of the Common Reasons to Donate Your Eggs

    Free Countless couples are struggling with infertility. Their dream of being able to have a child together seems so far-fetched. The process of conceiving grows more tedious, depressing, and time-consuming day by the day. Those who witness this struggle first hand, understand how this problem affects someone’s life.

    2. Key Reason for Donating Your Eggs is Everyone Can Have Their Family

    It is a good chance to help a loving couple get a family. Sure…you have heard that repeatedly. But why I choose to donate my eggs? One of the reasons was that I have a wonderful family of my own. The opportunity to help someone else have a family of their own – with memorable pictures, inside jokes, holiday traditions – all seemed too special for me to ignore. Little things like this truly mean the world to me, so I’m more than certain it will mean the world to them too.

    3. Impacts of Egg Donation Last for a Long Time

    Not long ago, I had the chance to watch some Egg Donor-recipient stories of RSMC San Diego. I saw different experiences and life stories that, even though they were just short videos, were incredibly emotional. In the end, they touched my heart. This is what moved me, I decided to make a difference in my life as well as a difference in another family’s, that can last a lifetime. Sarah, a woman who tried to get pregnant for many years but failed many times, talked about going for donor egg treat