Retrieval Data

  • Divided by Age Group, while donor is a separate group.
  • Blastocyst Stage is for mature embryos (usually Day 5-6) with 100-120 cells.
  • PGS normal embryos are the ones that passed genetic testing and has the best chance of implantation, resulting in heartbeat and live birth.
  • The table below reflects frozen embryo transfers only.

RSMC Eggs and Embryos Statistics by Age Group

Transfer Pregnancy Success Rate

We didn’t divide by age group, but only by surrogate and self-patient. The success rate is for “Transfer- result in Heartbeat”.

Usually it is 95% survival rate from Heartbeat to Live Birth.



2016 Success Rate is lower than in 2015

  • In order to avoid “twins or multiple” risk, we are transferring 1.5 embryos each time, lower than 1.9 in 2015.
  • Higher percentage of Chinese patients who are older and have more challenging health issues (ovary reserve issue, uterus issue, etc.) which skewed down the transfer success.
Note: To keep the integrity of the data, we include all numbers for eggs retrieved. For all eggs and embryos, some are chosen to be frozen, some choose not go through PGS. So, our PGS number and blastocyst Embryo don’t include those cycles.

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