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Our Twin Daughters Now Have a Little Brother

Jack and Alyssa, Dana Point, CA
“Dear Dr. Wood,
Jack and I wanted to write today to say thank you. Three years ago you gave us our beautiful twin daughters Jacqueline Rose and Katy Bell. We had to use an egg donor but you didn’t think a surrogate was necessary. I got pregnant on our second try […]

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Our children really are the most beautiful set of twins ever born

Chester and Beverly O., London, England

“My husband and I visited other fertility clinics throughout the UK and Europe. Nowhere did we find more optimism and confidence in our success than from RSMC doctors and the entire center staff. We know everyone says this, but our children really are the most beautiful set of twins ever […]

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We Appreciate Your Referrals!

To all RSMC Loyal Clients/Patients, we Appreciate Your Referrals!

You and the new patient you refer will EACH receive $100 credit from RSMC immediately.

Call for details and a Free Consultation Today.  

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Why I Chose RSMC

Y.L., San Diego

Because I am Chinese and grew up in a medical family, I have used many Chinese therapies to try to overcome infertility issues. However, after 6 years of trying and numerous Chinese doctors (Acupuncture, herbs, etc.), there was still no success in sight. We went to another IVF clinic and did not get […]

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FREE Monthly Physician-Led Informational Fertility Seminar August 11, 2015

FREE Monthly Physician-Led Informational Fertility Seminar
Earn $2,000 RSMC Credit
Tuesday, August 11, 2015, 6–7:30pm

Please Join Our Medical Director, Dr. Samuel Wood, on
Tuesday, August 11, 2015
For attending the seminar you will receive

Free initial consultation with our doctors for all seminar attendees
$350 cycle credit for every attendee of the seminar
$2,000 cycle credit for 1 out of every 10 […]

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The Five Stages of Discovering Infertility and the IVF Option

Stage 1 – You take it easy, off the birth control methods and start to have free sex – You feel good.  The mentality is “it happens when it happens.”

Stage 2 – Carefree sex is not working quickly enough, so you start timing the love making corresponding with ovulation.   And after sex, you might pull […]

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The General Experience of Infertility Patients Who Need IVF

Most infertility couples are frustrated and confused and devastated even before they consider IVF option.  After finally everything is right, they could not conquer something which is just natural and the basic human right – Have a baby that they desire!

Fact – Women decide to have babies later and later.  They put the matter on […]

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How is the surrogate screening performed?

If done correctly, the  Surrogate/Donor Screening and Selection process is extensive and divided into below steps.  

Clinical Team

Before you are even presented with a surrogate, our licensed clinical Psychologist controls the two day Psychological intake screening process ensuring your surrogate is psychologically capable and prepared to be a surrogate.  At a 4 % pass rate, (due […]

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How do you detect the right clinic and the right IVF lab?

Many of you might not know the importance of the lab, but in IVF cases, the lab might at least play 40-60% of the success here!  So, if you are considering IVF, it is important to understand the lab you choose is well qualified!  Be sure they have a full-time, dedicated lab director and the […]

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Surrogacy: Not All States Are Created Equal

When it comes to surrogacy in the United States, not all states are open to the process and the laws can vary greatly.  Where you choose your surrogate services can have a big impact on parental rights, costs and ease of process, so it is important to know the different state laws before starting the […]

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