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Surrogacy Helped When Trish Had Secondary Infertility

When She was Unable to Get Pregnant a Second Time, a Surrogate Carried Her Baby

get pregnant a second timeTrish had her first baby, Riley, through natural conception when she was just 20 but 15 years later, now aged 35, when she wanted to have another baby she experienced difficulties getting pregnant again. Despite 7 unsuccessful IVF cycles she was not able to get pregnant a second time and was beginning to give up hope for a sibling for Riley.

Trish was able to produce eggs through the IVF process but following the embryo transfer in each IVF cycle she was disappointed to learn she was not pregnant. Then she came to Physician’s Surrogacy and met Maria. A number of embryos were created using Trish’s eggs and her husband Ahmet’s sperm. The embryos were frozen until Maria was ready to accept them.

Trish and Ahmet are therefore the biological parents. Then one of Trish’s frozen embryos was transferred to Maria who carried the baby to full term. The result was a beautiful baby girl they have called Faith. Trish says, “Maria is a wonderful person. We have been close friends for years and now we are closer than ever. I hope that talking about my experience will help others.”

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