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    Tips to Recover After Surrogacy

    When You Become a Surrogate, Recovery Is All About Taking Care of Yourself

    Become A SurrogateWhen you become a surrogate, you become a miracle working family builder. You are literally making dreams of family come true, the baby you carry will become the center of its’ family’s universe. What you are able to do is truly a miracle for those who cannot do it themselves, your super power is bringing life into the world. Giving birth to the surrogate baby is the climax of your surrogacy journey, now is the time to relax and reflect on the miracle you helped create. Reproductive Services Medical Center, a fertility clinic California, has a few suggestions.

    After you give birth you’re on a natural high. Beta-endorphin is an opiate, or pain-killer, that occurs naturally in the body during pregnancy and birth. It affects the way pain is experienced duri