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    Tips to Recover After Surrogacy

    When You Become a Surrogate, Recovery Is All About Taking Care of Yourself

    Become A SurrogateWhen you become a surrogate, you become a miracle working family builder. You are literally making dreams of family come true, the baby you carry will become the center of its’ family’s universe. What you are able to do is truly a miracle for those who cannot do it themselves, your super power is bringing life into the world. Giving birth to the surrogate baby is the climax of your surrogacy journey, now is the time to relax and reflect on the miracle you helped create. Reproductive Services Medical Center, a fertility clinic California, has a few suggestions.

    After you give birth you’re on a natural high. Beta-endorphin is an opiate, or pain-killer, that occurs naturally in the body during pregnancy and birth. It affects the way pain is experienced during labor and birth. These endorphins don’t just disappear after the birth, they hang around in your system for a while leaving you with an ecstatic feeling.

    When you combine this natural high with the rush of seeing the joy this baby brings to its parents, you can’t help but feel exuberant. The bond you’ve built with the parents will help you cherish the moment, the moment you’ve all been working together toward. Enjoy this time and the natural high you’ll be feeling, you deserve to enjoy the high and happiness the birth of this child is bringing. After all, you became a surrogate because you enjoy being a parent and wanted to share the joy with another family, and now you’ve done it.

    This natural high doesn’t go away over night, it will continue for a while once you’re home with your family. You’ll probably feel like you can conquer the world, but really, you should relax and enjoy life a little bit. Pamper yourself a little, don’t run around like you usually do but let people come to you. If your children feel like they missed a little attention during the last couple weeks of your pregnancy, this is a great time to reconnect and give them the attention they want.

    Plan some activities, like a movie night, dinner out or game night, that are fun for the whole family. This might be a great time to start planning your next family adventure or vacation. Your kids will enjoy helping plan “their” trip and you can relax while you’re planning this adventure. After all, family is what surrogacy is all about, the family you have and the one you helped create are equally important.

    One of the best feelings in the world is knowing that you helped someone achieve something they couldn’t on their own. Helping someone create a family is the ultimate in helping, and the very definition of surrogacy. You really are a fertility super hero, relax and enjoy the end of your surrogacy journey. While you’re recovering, pamper yourself a little and enjoy the good feelings you got from helping create a family, and your family as well.

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