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    Why RSMC?

    Welcome To RSMC ( Reproductive Science Medical Center)

    A Leader in Fertility Options
    Reproductive Sciences Medical Center (RSMC) is an integrated, full-service IVF medical center headquartered in San Diego, California. Currently millions of infertility patients and intended parents are seeking treatments and solutions from numerous parties and navigating through the system on their own — without any guidance. To navigate through the infertility maze, we has developed a “One-Stop-Service” model that has enhanced our pregnancy success rate while bringing down the cost for our patients, helping prospective parents realize their dream of growing their family since 1995.

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    One Stop Service Model

    • IVF
    • Infertility Diagnosis and Testing
    • On-site Laboratory
    • Gestational Surrogacy and Egg Donation
    • Egg Freezing and Banking
    • Genetic Screening
    • Legal /Insurance
    • OB/GYN Care

    Why RSMC?


    RSMC is the world’s only “One Stop Service” for IVF treatment, integrating all necessary components into one location. With our comprehensive model and on-site laboratory, we not only increase our IVF success rate but also reduce the cost and time spent by patients, making it even easier for you to achieve your dreams of parenthood. We provide the most comprehensive solution to infertility —  from our outstanding egg screening and freezing processes to our state-of-the-art Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) procedures. We also offer six major insurance services for third-party assisted reproduction and have assembled some of America’s leading authorities in gynecologic and obstetric practices to help you fluidly transition into your new life.


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